Water Heater Repair

Your water heater may last a decade or more with the right repairs. Knowing the warning signs your water heater needs repairs allows you to get it fixed before you are out of hot water! 

It’s Been a Year Since its Last Inspection

You must take proper care of your water heater so that it lasts as long as possible. If it has been over a year since you inspected your water heater, call us at M&E Plumbing

We can inspect your water heater, clean the tank, and repair any worn-out parts. Being proactive is the best way to make sure you have hot water when needed. 

Hot Water is Running Out too Fast

You know how long your hot water typically lasts. If you notice a change in how long your hot water lasts and start running out of hot water faster, your water heaters need to be repaired. 

More than likely, something is wrong with the burner or heater element in the water heater. If your hot water is turning cold too fast, call M&E Plumbing, and we will get your hot water flowing smoothly again. 

Rusty Hot Water

If you have rusty water coming out of both your hot and cold water taps, you have an issue with your water pipes. If the water only looks rusty when using the hot water, the issue is your water heater. 

Most water heaters have a metal pole inside of them, made from aluminum and magnesium. Over time, this pole can get rusty, leading to rusty water coming out of your hot water taps. 

This is something we can fix and repair, and that can be caught early with yearly water heater inspections. 

Cloudy Hot Water

Another thing to watch out for is cloudy water with a strange odor. You may notice that your hot water has a different smell and that the look of your water is just a little off. 

A strange odor can result from mineral deposits in your water heater. It can also result from a bacterial infection inside your hot water tank. 

Call us for an immediate repair appointment if your hot water looks cloudy or smells off.

Reduced Hot Water Pressure

If only your water heater pressure is lower than it should be, the issue more than likely lies with your water heater.

When mineral deposits build up inside your water heater on the heating components, access to the pipes that pump the hot water out of the heater can get blocked, leading to lower water pressure. 

Changing Water Temperature

Your hot water temperature should be consistent. If you start to notice changes in hot how your hot water is, and you have not adjusted the temperature gauge on your water heater, something is up with your water heater. 

Mineral deposits building up inside the heating components of your water heater generally cause this issue. If you notice your water temperature fluctuating, give us a call at M&E Plumbing right away. 

Leaking Water

Hot water should not drip out of your water heater. If you notice hot water dripping out of your water heater, call us immediately, and we will find the leak's source! 

Sometimes a leak is caused by a worn-out part, such as a old pressure gauge. Other times, the tank deteriorates from the inside out, resulting in a leak. Either way, we will find what is causing the leak and address the issue.

Odd Sounds

Your water heater may make some sounds as it functions daily. However, it shouldn’t make a lot of sounds. If you notice your water heater is suddenly making a lot of loud noises, it needs to be repaired. 

Often, mineral deposits near the heating components create strange noises. Mineral deposits are not only annoying but can impact the performance of your water heater.

Water Heater Repair Near You in Grundy, Kendall, & Will Counties

Is your water heater acting up? M&E Plumbing can help address whatever problems you are having with your water heater and get it running again! 

M&E Plumbing provides water heater replacement services to Grundy, Kendall, & Will Counties 

Call us at 815-600-9215, or use our service request form to arrange a service call.

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