Contact Information:
At M&E Plumbing we pride ourselves in great customer service at competitive prices. 
M&E Plumbing is one of the few plumbing companies that will give you an 
approximate price quote over the phone.  We are experienced plumbers and we 
understand the needs of our customers.  Offering excellent plumbing services at a 
reasonable cost is M&E Plumbings primary objective.

The work we do defines who we are. We do specialized plumbing work on the following 
fixtures and areas: faucets, toilets, sinks, disposals, water heaters, dishwashers, 
vanities, sump pumps, gas piping, pipe change-out, plumbing remodeling, broken pipes,
hose bibs, sillcocks, spigots, bathtubs, showers, additions, sprinklers, etc.

Before we begin your plumbing job, and once we have had a chance to review the 
problem, the work we feel will be needed to repair the problem is thoroughly explained 
and an upfront cost is given with no hidden charges.  We exhibit honesty, integrity and 
professionalism in carrying out our plumbing duties.  

We always give up front pricing unless there are unforeseen plumbing problems. If that 
is the case the issues are thoroughly explained with options, whether it is cutting a wall 
to fix a broken pipe,  repair a drain pipe, leak in the ceiling, inoperable faucet or a 
clogged sewer line etc.

As a plumbing contractor, the work we do represents who we are and the technicians 
are trained to fix your plumbing problem right the first time. The work that is being 
performed is done professionally even if it is changing a washer in a faucet or working 
on a running toilet. Our plumbers are trained to recognize the customer as the most 
important asset.
 When ever you admit M&E Plumbing into your home to fix a plumbing problem even if it is a jammed disposal, a leaky spigot or a leaky water heater…your issues are thoroughly diagnosed and we devote considerable time to fix the problem. It is always our first option to fix and try not to sell you a new disposal, spigot or water heater. (Honesty is the best policy).

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